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ABOUT THIS WEB SITE: Here you will find material related to my work as a professor of the philosophy of law. For a main division of the material, see the menu in the blue pane to the left. If you are searching for particular topics or pieces of information, you may do a local search, see Site Search in the right hand corner of this yellow pane.

BRIEF CV: Svein Eng was born in Oslo in 1955. He studied philosophy and law in the period 1974–82. After having been awarded a law degree (cand.jur.) at the University of Oslo in 1982, he held positions as a legal advisor in the Ministry of Justice and as a deputy judge in the period 1982–85. He returned to the University of Oslo in 1985, first as a research fellow (1985-1990), then as a lecturer in law (1991-1996). In 1996, Eng was awarded a doctorate in law (dr.juris) with a dissertation in legal philosophy. This work is published in Norwegian: U/enighetsanalyse med særlig sikte på jus og allmenn rettsteori (1998) and in English: Analysis of Dis/agreement with particular reference to Law and Legal Theory (2003).

Svein Eng was appointed Professor of the Philosophy of Law in 1997, marking the first appointment of an individual to a professorship in this field in the history of the University of Oslo. He is a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, the Executive Council of the IVR, and various research groups in Norway and abroad.

For references to Eng's publications and for more detailed information on his research, see Publications and Research.